Manufacturing Capabilities…Our equipment: 

Our printing facility has the most advanced production technology.  It has 8 fine flat plates and 4 slant ones which can supply 300,000 meters of printed fabrics for neckties and scarves each month.

Our weaving system is imported from Italy and we use Italian machinery advanced FAST’T looms and CX870 electronic jacquard machines from France, which enable us to produce 30,000 meters of high-grade necktie fabric per month.

We have the capacity to make 250,000 neckties and 100,000 scarves per month.

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****What to send: ****You can email us your design.

****The file format may be just about anything except Corel Draw.  We like PSD or AI but high resolution jpg is usually sufficient****

We need one large picture of the logo and a picture demonstrating how you want your logo patterned  In addition, tie ties wrap around the edges of the front so we need a tie-shaped image and also a rectangle block.  We do NOT need a full length page since ties are made in 3 pieces and not one continuous length.****You may send Pantone numbers but most art departments only have access to The Color Formula Guide.  We use the TEXTILE Guide and therefore, have to convert your numbers so an exact match is not always possible.

We can get close with CMYK data.


****What if I have no artwork to send?****

If you have a logo, an idea for how you want it patterned, and a color scheme in mind, then we can make the design into a tie or scarf at no charge****.****If you don’t have artwork, you can just pay the setup fee and we’ll take care of it for you.**